Aristotlean basics of plot

We'll discuss this tonight in class. But here are links to relevant information about Aristotle and his theory of drama and tragedy:

Recognition and reversal

Outline of all the Poetics


Margaret Garvin said...

George, thanks very much for the posting. I am sorry that I missed class last night but things have been a bit insane at the park in preparation of Wilma's anticipated onslaught. I wasn't able to get away in time for the class.

Anonymous said...

Wilma has really thrown things awry. What will happen to the class? I assume that there won't be one this Thursday, Oct. 27th.

Without power,

Chris said...

So, I don't know about anyone else, but Wilma has sure afforded me a lot of opportunity to write. I like some aspects of it and hate others, but I'm eager to bring it in to class to get some critique.
Finally got power back, so I can type it up too.

Trying to do an hour a day,