The $45,000 Website

Back when I was working for a Miami marketing firm, I met the guy whose company designed the website for
Everglades on the Bay, another faceless glass tower rising from downtown Miami -- only this one's different. It's green!

Go take a look at the website. I'll wait.

So the developer,
CABI, paid 45 large for that website.

Go on, take another look. You know you want to.

It's a very basic rule in the pre construction real estate business to finish your website before you even
think of starting on the building itself. But still, you've got to wonder -- if the website had any relationship at all to the site itself, why is the woman in the silver dress standing in the woods? She should have a flannel shirt and a hunting cap on! Come on, guys, this isn't Maine, this is downtown Miami!

But somehow the image of the sultry model dodging traffic while homeless people tried to pull quarters off her outfit just didn't seem appropriate for Everglades on the Bay... Too bad.