Biscayne Landing: a mixed use commercial/hotel/residential community... with a heart!

Many people familiar with the Interama area off 135th Street feared that, when Swerdlow Group and Boca Developers finally got permission to start cutting down trees, that it would be the end of the green space you see in this picture.

The proposed 193-acre development will be approximately where the big words are in this picture.

Now, this may seem sad to you if you like trees and stuff. But in this case it's okay. Because, instead of completely paving the entire 193 acres, the developers have decided to preserve part of it.

A fraction of the Biscayne Landing site consisted of wetlands nourished by Biscayne Bay. Instead of going to court with environmental groups who wish to preserve such things, the developers chose to preserve those wetlands, in the form of a park.

From the developers:

The Biscayne Landing environmental park will be created with an emphasis on helping it to retain its relatively pristine habitat.

It will feature nature hikes, jogging paths, information plaques that describe the resident wildlife and trees, benches, a canoe landing and a boat house. It will also have connecting trails...

Okay, now, it is cool that they decided to preserve a smidgen of the land they're going to build houses on. But how can they keep it a "relatively pristine habitat" if they add a boat house? Is it intended as a "pristine habitat" for kayaks? I've visited a few pristine environments in my life, and here's a hint: they didn't have benches, information plaques or canoe landings.