Homemade weapons becoming more prevalent

From United Press International:

NEW YORK, June 13 (UPI) -- Police across the nation have recently been
finding an alarming amount of homemade guns and weapons, Newsday reported.

The New York Police Department, during a narcotics raid in the Bronx,
reportedly found a gun made out of a flashlight, the newspaper said. Sources
told Newsday that disguised weapons allow drug dealers and other criminals to
stay armed without arousing suspicion.

Police have said that the rise in homemade weapons is likely a response to the careful attention paid to finding and removing illegal guns.

Newsday reported that police in many other cities are also finding homemade
weapons -- among some of the items recently confiscated was a rapid-fire pistol
disguised as a cell phone.

The recent rise in homemade weaponry has sparked fears of an evolution to more sophisticated homemade guns and weapons, the newspaper said.

Hmmm... do you think the atlatl will be next on the list? Flint knives? Bolos?