"Dragon Drop" sent to Escape Pod

If you're into podcasts, or even if you're not, I have to recommend the Escape Pod program. They do great work. Not only are they publishing (generally) excellent fiction, they separate themselves from many podcasts with a truly polished, professional sound. A lot of work goes into each episode of Escape Pod, which means it sounds easy.

Anyway -- they have some Hugo recommended stories available in the archived podcasts. I recommend those without reservation.

I sent them my short story "Dragon Drop" -- winner of the 71st Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition, genre story category (ridiculously specific, isn't it? But they paid me! Twice!). Even though it doesn't have a happy ending I'm hoping they'll think it's suitable for them.

Fingers crossed!

Note: this story contains one of my very favorite sentences I've ever written:

Dennis graduated to vertebrates.