A 9/11 memorial

How did you commemorate the terrorist attacks on the US? Here's what Greg Perry did:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007, I celebrated freedom in the best way possible.
I bought a gun.

But he didn't just buy any gun, no sir!

It’s not just any gun. It is the gun. I bought an M1A. A Springfield Armory
M1A, a .308 caliber rifle. A rifle that shoots a bullet that has more energy
after the bullet flies 300 yards than an M16/AR-15 has at its muzzle.

In other words, my real rifle’s bullet is still more powerful after
it’s traveled 300 yards than the U.N.’s bullet the moment it leaves the gun. My M1A has far more than twice the distance of those little 22-caliber peashooters that the jackbooted thugs carry with them when they descend upon a nation to squelch the life from it. My rifle can really reach out and touch someone.

Now, there are several interesting things going on in these two paragraphs. The author's assurance that his purchase is a "real rifle," "the gun," strikes one as, well, protesting too much. Sometimes a cigar is so much more. Sometimes your phallic substitute is .08 inches larger (in diameter, of course) than the other guy's.

And, I'm sorry, but what in the world is going on with the "jackbooted thugs"? I wasn't aware that jackbooted UN troops descend upon nations and use their "peashooters" to "squelch the life from" them. Maybe they don't show it on CNN?

We also must assume that the author is prepared to drop the UN's jackbooted thugs at range. Or, as he so eloquently puts it, his "rifle can really reach out and touch someone." Here's where the Freudians start giggling. Stay away, "little .22-caliber peashooters" because my bullet is more powerful at 300 yards than yours is at the muzzle. Nyaaaah.

Guys who buy guns, and let's be honest, guys who conspicuously consume any durable good, love to talk about how much better theirs is than everyone else's. Although normally it's the neighbors who provide the yardstick rather than an international peacekeeping organization -- excuse me, I meant "jackbooted thugs."

I enjoyed reading this post so much I just had to share. Prepare yourself to be reached out to and touched!

The full, original post is here: What I Did on 9/11 by Greg Perry
Stay safe, Greg.