Trap shooting - second round

My second trap shooting trip, I shot an 18 and 19!

Mer came with me this time. I gave her all the same pointers Bob gave me during our one-on-one session. One time, when she said "Pull," nothing happened. So she said, "Pull!" Still nothing. She looked over her shoulder with the loaded shotgun still pointed downrange. Bob looked up and started yelling, "Don't look at me, don't look at your husband, you look over there!" pointing at the lake. Mer loaded up with Winchester low noise low recoil target loads that, with the earplugs in, isn't much worse than Black Cat firecrackers.

Mer shot one round and scored a 5. That's lower than the average first shooter. But, as a side note, she called our favorite podcast, Jordan Jesse Go!, and they played her clip on the air. Way cool.