Miami Noir by Akashic Books -- my first publication in a real book!

Today, my 2 contributor's copies of Miami Noir came in the mail. They were unmarked and stuffed in a beat-up mailer (the kind that's padded with shredded currency and toilet paper -- you know the ones -- that leave a snowfall of gray scrap when you open them) so at first I just thought it was a book I'd ordered.

Miami Noir looks great. I have no idea what the cover image (a mannequin's hand on the beach? A disembodied arm asking for a handout?) has to do with the contents, beyond its "noir" feel. Be that as it may -- this anthology contains my story "Silence of the Stone Age."

I'm thrilled to hold this book in my hand! The story was accepted so long ago (May 1st, 2006) and I already blew the $200 on good beer. Finally receiving the book and adding it to my little contributor's copies shelf felt so good. Delayed gratification. In fact, it was like paying a credit-card bill in reverse.

Go buy a copy of Miami Noir. I'll read everyone else's stories and post about them separately. In the meantime, help support Akashic Books, who had the foresight to give me my first publication in a real book!