"The Black Temple" out the door

Submitted "The Black Temple" to Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine today. It'll be after Xmas before they respond, most likely.

I've always had a soft spot for this publication. When I was a kid, my grandfather had a subscription. I remember a few plots to this day -- ones that really captured my imagination. Unfortunately (perhaps fortunately?), I forgot the rest.

I think TBT is a good choice for this publication because it's fundamentally a crime story. Although initially, I'd planned for it to be a supernatural Lovecraftian unspeakable-horrors-from-beyond-time-fest, it turned into something both more subtle, and, I hope, more publishable. A crime story with a supernatural red herring.

Well, we'll see what the AHMM editors think. The publication of a nice, fat (7000 words) story in such a high-profile magazine will definitely help build my case as a writer.

Credentials! I need more credentials!