"Dragon Drop" rejected by Escape Pod

I've been waiting for this one for a while:

Dear Mr. Tucker,

Thank you for sending us "Dragon Drop." Unfortunately, it doesn't quite meet our needs for our podcast. I didn't think the ending packed enough"oomph" to overcome its predictability. It seemed to rely solely on the shock value of the child "recycling" his grandfather. I never felt much empathy for the crotchety old man and I thought all things considered perhaps the kid was doing the guy a favor.

I hope you'll keep trying us.

It's always disappointing to get a rejection from a publication you admire. I don't agree that the ending is predictable (see the entry below on packaging vs. product) but I do understand the source of the criticism.

I guess that, on the "Predictability" scale, there are two settings: Saw it coming a mile away, you moron, or, That's stupid because it came outta nowhere. Or maybe I really am telegraphing the endings of my stories too clearly -- ?

I think it's better to be too clear than too fuzzy. Hmmm. What story shall I send them next?