Mining the past

Just got this note from Jeff:

I just spent the last few days in Boston, searching for Magic cards in my father's garage (pretty pathetic, huh?). A week ago I was looking online at some Magic: The Gathering card lists and it turns out I know for a fact that I had at least one Alpha "Mox Pearl" which is probably worth $1000 or so alone, not to mention the other 2-3,000 Magic cards that I have lying around God-knows-where. I only need to find the f-cking card box, and I'll be rich!

I love the idea of digging through your past treasures looking for priceless artifacts. It's like autoarchaeology Indiana Jones-style. Not really -- a true archaeologist would be examining the artifacts trying to make assumptions about the people and culture that produced them. In this case, it sounds a lot more Schliemann-like.

I sold all my Magic cards in 1997 to finance my move to Greensboro, NC. I remember I sold some of them to a senior manager at AllTel, some to a group of guys in tech support (one of them had a Prince Valiant haircut), and the rest to a friend. I don't really think about them, though at one time I was so completely consumed with Magic that I dreamed of new cards.