Writing challenge progress report

I finished my story tentatively titled "Museum 2.0" which is probably the worst story title of all time, but has the virtue of being shorter than "Max Proffett and the Cartwright Museum."

So at least I have a completed -- if early -- draft of this story. Sent to JPG for comments (thanks in advance, buddy!)

The larger strategy:

I want to clear the decks of all the pending short story projects I've been working on since the hiatus from my 2nd novel. There are three total stories -- two are at okay places right now. I need another round of edits on "Condo Commando" so I can exchange copies of the ms for a variety of delightful rejection slips.

Then, back to the novel work. I have to make the edits GC suggested and to complete this draft of Novel #2.

Sometimes, I feel incredibly grateful that my writing will provide me with sufficient projects to keep me busy for the rest of my life. Now is one of those times.