"Circle" accepted by F&SF!

Yesterday I found out that Gordon Van Gelder at F&SF accepted my story Circle!

This is pretty big news for me -- it's only my second (third?) pro publication in a periodical. The first, "DragonDrop," appeared in Writer's Digest The Year's Best Writing a long time ago. The second, Welcome to Justice 2.0, was also in F&SF. But Justice was a flash piece -- only a couple of hundred words long.

When I mentioned it to Laird Barron, he told me that the second pro sale was way more important than the first -- that a second sale put a writer way, way ahead of the one-hit wonders who appeared in the magazine. I'm not sure if this is true or false but it made me feel even better.

I don't yet have a date for publication -- I know Gordon buys stories way in advance sometimes. It'll feel so great to add another journal, especially one that I admire so much, to my shelf of contributor's copies!