Another awesome thing about Evernote

I forgot to mention this in my previous paean to Evernote.

If you're like me, you have a love/hate relationship with PDF files. Yes, they're universal and nearly everyone, even my mom, knows how to use them. At the same time they're bulky and cumbersome. Still I have dozens of PDFs on my hard drive: ebooks I've downloaded, equipment manuals, instruction guides for computer games, electronic forms from two dozen vendors.

How to get a handle on this mess? Up to now, I've been giving them very-descriptive-keyword-rich-filenames.pdf and counting on Google desktop to track them down. But Evernote makes it even easier.

Check this out:

It's easy (like drag and drop easy) to save PDF files to Evernote.

Once you sync with the remote server and the PDF is uploaded, the text of the PDF is scanned and then becomes keyword-searchable. Evernote has a built-in PDF reader so you can read PDF files in your browser without waking up Adobe Acrobat reader.

How awesome is that? Now all my PDFs are indexed and easy to find. I don't even avoid PDF files any more. If you haven't tried Evernote yet, consider downloading their software. Even the free level of service is incredibly powerful.